Events 2015 to 2021

2021  Festival November 1st to 6th 2021


2021 Screenings Guide


Monday  1st and Tuesday 2nd 

Animation at the Artizan Gallery


Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th

Officially Selected films at the Artizan Gallery


Friday 5th

The Legend Plays on Premiere at the Torquay Museum


Saturday 6th

The 2021 International ERFF  Film Awards Screening and Ceremony at South Devon Colleges High Tech and Digital Centre Cinema

2020 ( Online  – Due to lockdown – Covid )   

Festival 23rd to 28th November 2020




7PM : Film Premiere : Grey Seal – Wild Swim  ( Facebook )

8pm : Feature Film Director’s Panel   ( Facebook – You Tube )

9.20PM : Torn ( Feature Film ) Introduction by the Films Director Justin Carter  ( Facebook – you tube )



7pm : Women in film Panel ( Facebook )

8.30pM : Samsura ( Directed by Lucy Townsend ) ( Facebook – you tube )



8pm : The Ballad of Lucy Sands Crew Panel ( Facebook)

9pm : A Campfire tale ( Ted Hutchings and Ben Tallamy )  ( You Tube )



8pm : Alien Outbreak Panel ( Facebook)

9pm : Last Orders Exclusive  trailer Premiere and Award Winning Short Film Flies ( Facebook – Vimeo )




8pm: The Ballad of Lucy Sands Crew Panel



11am to 5.30pm : Main Awards Day Live Stream Film screening and Awards Ceremony


2019 Festival   2nd to 12th October 2019



Tuesday  01 October  (6.30pm to 8.30pm  ) 

Artizan Gallery, Lucius Street, Torquay

Action, Cut, That’s a Wrap!
Lionel Digby – 35 years of film, television and theatre costumery


Saturday 05 October from 10.00

Torquay Museum, 529 Babbacombe Rd, Torquay TQ1 1HG
Classic Crime Film Feast

10.00 Mildred Pierce

12.10 North by Northwest

14.45 The Third Man


Sunday 06 October2019 at 14.00

Torquay Museum, 529 Babbacombe Rd, Torquay TQ1 1HG
The Witch’s Mask
A Film Festival premiere

The Spark Studio film Premiere ( made by Young People on a film production course )


Saturday October 5th 10.30am – 1.30pm


Join us for a morning of puppet theatre creation.


Friday 11th October at 19.00 (screening at 20.00 prompt)

The Blue Walnut café -bar and Cinema, Walnut Rd, Torquay TQ2 6HS

Last Holiday
The English Riviera as film location


Saturday 12th October 10am to 6.30am : International Awards Day 

South Devon College High Tech and Digital Centre

Film screenings and awards . Demonstrations and displays from Odd Planet Films , Dark Light Films , The Ballad of Lucy Sands, Equity , Torre Abbey , Torquay Museum and the Seal Project


2018 Festival  October 27th to 8th November 2018 

Untitled design (68)



Saturday October 27th 2018  Festival Launch day 

Palace Theatre Paignton 

Borley Rectory Feature Film

English Riviera From Above

Awards Screening and Ceremony


Sunday October 28th to Wednesday October 31st

Artizan Gallery Torquay

Lee Fletcher Photo Exhibition



Thursday November 1st 

Artizan Gallery Torquay

Kevin Dixon : Torbay at the Movies


Saturday November 3rd

Torquay Museum

Join Squircle Arts for a day of activities celebrating the Mexican Day of the Dead at Torquay Museum as part of the English Riviera Film Festival. 

Wednesday November 7th 

Torquay Museum

Squircle Arts, Emberlense Productions & Torquay Museum are proud to invite you to the World Premiere of a new Spanish Flu Documentary which was made by young film makers (aged 11 to 16 years old) on the first Documentary workshop for young people at Torquay Museum.

Thursday November 8th 

The Blue Walnut Torquay

An evening with Spoken word poet and animator Jamie Harry Scrutton.


2017 Festival  Monday 12th to Saturday 17th June 



Monday June 12th 

Paignton Picture House Guided Tour


Tuesday June 12th 

Brixham the Edge

Film Premiere : Brixham Memories


Wednesday June 14th 

The Blue Walnut Torquay

That Summer ( 1979 ) Feature Film


Thursday June 15th 

Cockington Court Torquay

Q and A –  Diana and Lucy Townsend ( Film Producer – Director )

Q and A –  Ashley Thorpe ( Film Director )


Friday June 16th 

The Blue Walnut Torquay

Bulldog Drummond at bay ( 1937 ) Feature film

Still ERFF 2016 -2017

Photos Mike Alsford , Oxyte and specisl thanks to Tom Hutchings , Tom Menery and Simon Tytherleigh (1)


Saturday June 17th 

Riviera Centre Torquay

Main Awards Day – Screening room and Interactive film making room


Riviera Fm Live from the vent and interviews with the film makers

Simon Tytherleigh – Stop Motion Animation Rig Demonstration

Honest Tommy – Sci-fi show -props and promotion

Film Props form Lionel Digby and Curiosity Cabinet Studios

PQA Torbay Film Showing and table

Equity Devon and Cornwall Branch

Mike Alford Film and TV Photography

Lensboi Lenses Hire

Up and away vision Drones

Boo to a goose theatre

Alexis Kirke Film Music



2016 Festival 15th to 20th August 2016 


Celebrating Devon Film

Celebrating Devon Film


Monday  August 15th

Artizan Gallery, Torquay

Art Talk with John Tomkins ( Film Making in the English Riviera )


Tuesday August 16th 

Torquay Library

A life in Cinema John Mann


Wednsday August 17th 

The Blue Walnut Torquay

The System ( Feature Film )


Thursday August 18th 

Torquay Library

The Battle of the Somme


Saturday August 20th 

Torbay Hotel

Celebration of Devon Film Day : Film Screenings , Q and A’s and interactive film stands

Screenings and Q and A’s with Devon Film Makers

Full programme

10.30 : Film : Eyes in the dark (Director Alex White)

10.40 : Trailer previews of forthcoming Devon films

10.50 : Festival highlights 2015 (Interviews and highlights from last year’s film festival)

11:00 : Mordred Q &A / Talk: Meet the Director, Producer and stars of the forthcoming feature film from the South Devon Players Theatre and Film Company

11:30 : Director Dom Lee Q &A  (The Award winning Director answers questions about this past and forthcoming productions)

11:50 : Film Premiere : To My Dear Son  (Director Louis John Brzozka Q & A)

12:00  Devon’s Best Film Selection

Ashui  (Director Harry Willmott)

Time to talk  (Director John Fitzsimmons)

Delays Imminent  (Director James Cotter)

Tempus Verum  (Director Dean Ferris)

12:30 : Portent  (Director Justin Carter)

Sometimes it’s fate  (Director Ellie Gath)

Hiraeth  (Director Jacob Roy  Filmed and edited by Ed Chappell)

13:00 : Laura Harvey (Make up and Prop maker Curiosity Cabinet Studios) Q & A

13.20 : Film : Two Feet Tall  (Director Andy Robinson)

13:30pm : Film : The Sanatorium ( Film Preview ) Q & A with the Director Julian Kemp

14.00  Location Devon

Home  (Director Danny Cooke)

Dartmoor search and rescue  (Director Jade Dyer)

Film in the Bay  (South West Creatives)

Plymouth in minutes  (Director Julian Kemp)

Love Where you live  (Director Dan Wiseman)

Film Premiere : To you , we surrender  (Director Benjamin Akira Tallamy)

14:30pm : Director / Animator Ashley Thorpe  : Q & A with preview of footage from his forthcoming film Borley Rectory starring Reece Shearsmith

Film : Old Lych Way  (co Director Keith Rossiter with Q & A with Keith Rossiter after the film)

15.30  Comedy & Quirky

Education  (Director Ashley Hooper)

Fireworks  (Director Justin Carter)

Gone Fishin’  (Director O’Shea & O’Gaukroger)

Film Premiere : Professor in the bathroom  (Director John Tomkins)

16:00pm   Feature film Producer : Diana Townsend  Q & A with film preview

16:30pm   Award Winning Director Luke Jeffery  ( Seeing Red : Hell’s Bells )  Q & A

In the lobby

Film Costume Displays from Annushka Rogers

Props and Costume Displays from The Bloo Pixie

Props from Feature film Scarey Crows

Meet some of the Cast and Crew from forth coming film The Graveyard Shift

FX Make up Demonstrations  and Props from Curiosity Cabinet Studios (Laura Harvey)

Promoting  Devon Film Tables  (Information on forthcoming productions)

Torbay Holiday Helpers Network – Torbay Holiday Helpers Network provides free fun filled memory making holidays, to families who have seriously ill children, families who are recently bereaved – having lost a child or parent and to families who have a terminally ill parent. Our holidays and services are donated by big hearted accommodation, travel & tourism business owners.

2015 Festival August 29th 


The first Festival was instigated by Film Maker John Tomkins  as a way of showcasing film makers form across the South West to a wider audience. Supporting John was a an amazing volunteer film makers .  John continues to this day as the Director ( creative Director the festival ) supported by a great Festival team.


Saturday August 29th 2015 

Torbay Hotel

Celebrating devon Film Day ( Part of the Riviera Fringe Festival )

Films shown

Film maker interviews in the entrance .











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