Welcome to the English Riviera Film Festival Interview page – Featuring Video Interviews with film producers across the world and online content from the Festival in 2020 .

Series two is currently in Production for release in the Summer of 2023.

2020 Women in Film Panel

2020 Feature Film Director’s Panel

The English Riviera Film Festival show was produced in the first lockdown in 2020 by Festival’s Director John Tomkins.

Each episode we will interview people from across the Film Industry, sharing their experiences of how a film gets made, bringing it to the Big Screen and beyond. We  have twelve completed episodes  and more  in Production, the show will form a knowledge base to help support film makers of the future and across the Industry . Series two is in production for release across the Festivals social media and you tube Channel in the Summer of 2023.

The Shows audience is mainly on facebook and can  be also watched on the Festivals you tube  Channel and on selected audio episodes via soundcloud. We appreciate shares of the shows links across Social Media helping support the independent film makers and providing a knowledge base to film makers worldwide.

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Episode one : Interview with Indie Feature Film Director Simon Cox


Welcome to the first “English Riviera Film Festival Online Show” with an interview with Producer, Director and writer of Indie Feature Film Invasion Planet Earth AKA Kaleidoscope Man Simon Cox . Talking about the films nearly twenty year journey to the Big Screen, streaming platforms and on DVD around the world.

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Episode Two : Interview with Alex Stolz Director of  Future of film summit and Producer at Film Disrupter 


Welcome to Episode two of the  “English Riviera Film Festival Show ”  with the Founder of Future of Film Summit ( happening Nov 2020 at the BFI South Bank) Alex Stolz about his 20 year career in the film Industry , the changing way films are distributed and the future of film making .

Alex is a senior executive, strategist and broadcaster with high-level experience across Film, TV and Digital over 20 years. As Head of Distribution at the BFI, he supported the release of over 300 films in the UK and internationally. He currently serves as Head of Film at the film ticketing and analytics platform Usheru a Distribution Consultant to Film London’s filmmaking scheme and is Producer of the Film Disruptors podcast. His wide ranging media experience includes senior roles at UK Film Council as well as consultancy work for Viceland, British Council, Federation of European Directors and more.

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ERFF Show Episode Three : Interview with Feature Film Director Lucy Townsend and Producer Diana Townsend 


Welcome to episode three of “The English Riviera Film Festival Show ” Interview with family creative team Lucy Townsend (Director Scarey Crows ) and Diana Townsend ( Producer Scarey Crows and Deadly Intent).

Talking about their  two feature films journey to the Big Screen, the ups and downs of running a crowd funder , distribution and Premiering your film in Los Angeles.

  • Audio note for  soundcloud at the end of the Interview is the trailer to Deadly Intent

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ERFF Show Episode Four : Interview with Award Winning Director David Yorke 


Interview with Award Winning Director David Yorke. Talking about his career so far , the making of recent films Safekeeping and Eject . Plus we talk about the downs and ups of entering your film into a film festival and what it’s like to win .

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Episode Five : Interview with Award Winner Director , Animator and writer Ashley Thorpe 


Interview with Award Winning Director, Writer and Animator Ashley Thorpe . Talking about his career so far , his creative influences, working with Reece Shearsmith on Borley Rectory, creating an rotoscope animated opening sequence for Neil Marshall, writing a radio play featured in the New York Times and what’s next .

About me

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Episode Six : Interview the Director of “Terry Pratchett’s Troll Bridge” Film Daniel Knight


Interview with Troll Bridge  Director Daniel Knight . Talking about the films amazing journey to screen , the great international team – crew  , showing a rough cut to Terry Pratchett , the  discworld fans support and what he is working on next .

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Episode Seven : Interview with Baobab Productions ( Theatre and Film Company ) 

Interview with the Baobab Productions Team , Phil John , Jason Housecroft and Tim McGill.  Talking about their creative journey from Theatre to making films ,what inspires them in the creative process  ,  having Festival success around the world and working on their first feature film .

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Episode Eight : Interview with Award Winning Director Bridget O’Driscoll 


Interview with Award Winning Director Bridget O’Driscoll. Talking about her career so far , working  in the French Film Industry,  Festivals , filming in Paris and the making of  “Session No.78”, “Paris  Hunt” and her new film ‘Listen”.

Bridget is a sound editor – Dialogue editor on Feature films check out her credits by clicking the link below

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Episode Nine : Interview with Award Winning Film Producers April Kelley and Sara Huxley 


Interview with Award Winning Film Producers April Kelly and Sara Huxley . Talking about their  film making career so far , scripts ,  Festival Success and what’s next .

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Episode Ten  : Interview with Award Winning Film Maker Justin Carter   ( Online Tuesday 12th May ) 


Interview with Award Winning Film Maker Justin Carter talking about his career so far , his first feature, Festival Success and what’s next .  ( Official Facebook Page )

Justin is a Multi award winning short & feature film Director of the films TORN, ZED, ME, PORTENT, CURTAIN CALL and TERRY.

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Episode Eleven : Interview with Award Winning Director Jamille van Wiljngaarden

Interview with Award Winning Director Jamille van Wijngaarden . Talking about her career so far , film making influences , the making of School’s out – Catastrophe* and  what’s next .

*School’s out ERFF Audience Award Winner 2019  –  Catastrophe ERFF Best Film Winner 2018

In 2017 Jamille  wrote and directed the short animation film CATASTROPHE which screened in all Dutch Pathé Cinemas as the opening film of SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMINGCATASTROPHE kicked off with its premiere in Toronto during TIFF in 2017. After a tour around the world and screenings at more than a 100 international film festivals the film is selected by Vimeo for its Staff Pick Premiere.

In 2018 Jamille directed the short comedy film SCHOOL’S OUT (Dutch title: TIENMINUTENGESPREK). The film has drawn critical acclaim and the Dutch Directors Guild awarded Jamille for ‘Best Director in short film 2018’. 

Her latest tv-film BITCH (Dutch title: TEEF) had its premiere in november 2019 on Dutch Television.

In the last few years Jamille directed various  Dutch comedy tv-series like INFANTILIOHEHOBROS 2ZOEK DE FOUTEN and the comedy kids series THE RULES OF FLOOR 3. And she directed a part of the sketch series SLUIPSCHUTTERS 4 and TOREN C – 7. 

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Episode Twelve : Interview with Film Maker  Simon Tytherleigh   ( Online Tuesday 2nd June 2020) 


Simon Tytherleigh has spent his career working on drama in film, theatre and television. He developed, made and applied prosthetics on ‘Casualty’ and other TV dramas, painted the figure of Death for Terry Gilliam, wrote and directed several community theatre shows, has acted in stage and film, and is now turning his hand to stop motion puppetry with his latest venture ‘The Legend of Jan Tregeagle’. And somewhere along the way he built an ocean-going catamaran,  sailed it round the UK and then acted in a film made on the boat!

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